DotMatrix Leopard Goodies

DotMatrix Leopard PhotoBooth
OK, as promised, our much anticipated Leopard update for DotMatrix is here. Kind of a long haul switching back and forth among machines to get everything figured out, but here it goes. Under Leopard, DotMatrix (paid version) can now be used as an Image effect for PhotoBooth and (if you have iChatUSBCam or 2 physical cameras) iChat.

These features are enabled by installing the folder labeled Goodies which is found in the paid edition. If you're thinking about buying DotMatrix and want to try it, you can use Qamera to see how it works. We added similar functionality to Qamera today.

We've included eight PhotoBooth effects, which are basically different ways to combine the DotMatrix output with the PhotoBooth picture. Some of the side benefits of using DotMatrix + PhotoBooth (Leopard):

1. You can use two camera inputs in PhotoBooth. Start PhotoBooth with the Built-in iSight. Start DotMatrix and switch to the second camera. Choose a DotMatrix effect in PhotoBooth. You could interview someone on your second camera and show them "picture in picture" like a professional newscast.

2. You can record video from DotMatrix with PhotoBooth. Simply select the DotMatrix effect you want and make a PhotoBooth movie.

3. You can create your own PhotoBooth effects that use DotMatrix in creative ways using Quartz Composer. Just start with one of our effects, and add distortion, warp or any other Quartz Effect you like. This is an advanced maneuver.

By : Ms. Black DotMatrix Leopard Goodies




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